Our Story - SAVE COWS®

Simply stated, this is our daily focus and business goal.  We contribute to the health of dairy cows around the world by being the leading resource for safe equipment design, hoof health research, hoof care training, product development and MmmooOgle Accu-trim® analysis software.  Our experienced team will put you on a successful path that yields results.

Comfort Hoof Care

Serving the international dairy community with innovative equipment, leading-edge products and modern technology for over 30 years.

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Trakrite Global

Offering flooring solutions to create safe and secure walking surfaces that dairy cows can trust.

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Sure Step Consulting International, LLC

Developing strategies to improve hoof health, boost productivity and increase profit margins by putting the cow first.

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Dairyland Hoof Care Institute

Bringing decades of experience by teaching hoof care techniques based on scientific research, enhancing the life and productivity of dairy cows around the globe.

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Synergy Metalworks

Providing manufacturing and assembly services from design to delivery.  Our products stand the test of time in over 70 countries.

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